Contemporary desk lights, floor lamps & wall lights

Classic energy efficient lighting designs

We design and make contemporary energy efficient lighting. Our desk lights, floor lamps and wall lights are already being acclaimed as classics by Architects and designers. We have a range of standard designs and undertake commissions for bespoke domestic, commercial and educational projects.

Desk Lights

classic LED desk lamp

12V LED Desk lamp, also available as a floor lamp

This desk lamp looks great in any setting. This elegant alternative to the Anglepoise is designed and hand-made in Herefordshire. It is slim and unobtrusive but rock solid. Choose from the slim steel G4 LED model or the birch ply E27 compact fluorescent / mains voltage LED model. We hope you are as excited by it as we are.

Classic desk lamp design

Designer desk lamp

MK 2 Birch ply desk light E27 now comes with the same steel base as the LED model above.

Lock Lamp; meticulously designed but not designer, hand crafted but not crafty. A collaboration between Colin Chetwood Lighting and Nick Grant. Originally designed as a desk lamp, LockLamp also makes an ideal bedside light or table lamp. Please browse our site and discover our other contemporary energy efficient lighting products.



Contemporary floor lamps

E27 Floor Lamps

contemporary floor lamp

Mk 2 floor lamp with red fabric flex

The E27 model has an Edison screw lamp holder making it suitable for a wide range of mains voltage LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. The base is a heavy steel plate with a mill scale finish.

The photo shows the optional ply clad base.

LED Floor Lamp

The LED desk light is also available as a floor lamp / reading light. The base is a generous 12mm (half inch) thick steel plate for stability. The uprights are made from single lengths of nickel plated steel tube to avoid wobbly joints. This means a bigger box for transport but a small price to pay for quality.

Anglepoise alternative

task lamp mechanism

Lock Lamp mechanism

The Lock Lamp mechanism really could not be simpler or more robust. The lamp can me moved vertically and rotated about two axes. The mechanism is self locking thanks to gravity and friction. This unique design means that Lock Lamp stays put without constant adjustment.

The LockLamp mechanism is idealy suited to modern LED and compact fluorescent lamps which are heavier than traditional bulbs.

A slim elegant task lamp of solid construction

steel lamp base

Heavy steel base

Despite the slim minimalist looks, you won’t find a stronger more robust light. The materials are simple but solid with waxed or nickel plated steel, birch ply and aluminum. Plastic is reserved for electrical components.

Contemporary wall lights

contemporary wall lights

Contemporary wall lights

Another classic lamp design. The energy efficient contemporary wall light features replaceable shades that can contain drawings or handmade papers. Easily customised to suit almost any application from Architects office to children’s bedroom light.

Minimalist table lamps

low energy table lamps with paper shadesAn elegantly curved freestanding version of the wall lamp. This contemporary table lamp available in 4 versions to suit any setting. Supplied with a digital print on a fine Japanese Kozo paper. As with the wall lamp you can quickly change the art work or simply use plain paper of fabric.