Minimalist Contemporary Table Lamp

Table lamp version of our classic wall lamp

These fabulous new table lamps have digital prints on a fine Japanese Kozo paper that allows a wonderful warm light to permeate. The print can be replaced with other art work or plain paper to suit almost any setting.

low energy table lamps

This elegant contemporary table lamp has evolved from our wall lamp and uses the same customisable shade that simply clips into place. Although designed for tables and shelves, two discreet holes and the supplied screws and spacers allow it to be fixed to a wall.

The body is hand made in our workshop from sturdy galvanised steel sheet that we polish to a brushed finish.

The A4 version comes in a wide or tall format whilst the large A3 and medium models are in wide format only.

designer table lamps

As with all our mains voltage lamps, the bulb holder is a high quality E27 Edison Screw fitting allowing a wide range of compact fluorescent and LED bulbs to be fitted. In our own homes we find that a 3-4W LED lamp is ideal for accent lighting in the A4 lamp. This gives a lift to a dark corner or shelf with minimal electricity use.

contemporary table lamps with paper shade

The tall A4 model pictured above is ideal where space is limited and it can even be fitted under a shelf like a short strip light.

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