New contemporary task lamp with birch ply shade

The MK 2 Ply Lock Lamp Task Light

contemporary lighting design pared down

We are really happy with the MK 1 birch ply shade Lock Lamp but we knew we could make it simpler to manufacture. We also wanted to have a task lamp that would work well with the growing number of high quality E27 mains voltage LED spot lamps that are now available. These allow a very bright and focused beam ideal for close work such as electronics or just reading. This meant we needed a different shade shape that could be adjusted.

Lighting design minimalism and value engineering

We love the challenge of removing unnecessary components, of de-cluttering the design in search of minimal elegance. This is a long process and the harder we work the less there is to show for our efforts! Most of our prototype parts end up in the recycle bin or repurposed around the workshop or house.

low energy desk lamp shade

Flexibility and function

The nickel plated E27 lamp holder is knuckle jointed to allow the shade and bulb to be angled to suit the task in hand. Combine this with the swivel and slide articulation of the Lock Lamp mechanism and you can point the light where you want it.

ply shade low energy desk lamp

Desk lamp and floor lamp versions

As with the LED and MK 1 ply versions there is a floor lamp version.

Contemporary floor lamp

contemporary task lamp

Fabric flex and magnetic switch

We initially resisted braided flex because of the expense and the time it takes to wire up the lamps with it. But we admit it is lovely and we finally gave into customer demand! We have however resisted retro switches and retained the modern one as we know it to be very reliable and because we can fit Neodymium magnets allowing you to stick it to the upright, a unique Lock Lamp feature. We offer black or red fabric covered flex.

floor lamp with red flex

Heavy stable base

We tried lumps of hardwood and larger pieces of ply but desk lamps and floor lamps need a heavy base so we add a lump of steel. The desk lamp base weighs in at about 3.5kg. The MK 2 currently uses the same birch ply base as the MK 1. It is routed out to take a 12mm (half inch) thick steel plate with a welded steel post to fix the vertical tube without any play. The base is sanded and sealed with OSMO Polyx oil for a natural finish.

When the stock of MK 1 bases is gone we will move to a design that is easier to make and is less wasteful of material.

steel and birch ply desk lamp base

Economy desk and floor lamp version

We wanted to be able to offer a cheaper option but without compromising on function or quality. The design is already so pared down that there is not much we can cut back. However if like us you appreciate the patina of plain un-plated steel and are happy with black PVC flex the the Lock Lamp Eco should fit the bill. The quality is the same, the price is a bit less.

eco desk lamp