Contemporary Wall Lights for Herefordshire Passivhaus

contemporary wall light

Mike Whitfield’s latest Passivhaus building in Clehonger Herefordshire features¬†our¬†contemporary wall lights. Our first wall lights were installed in another Passivhaus built by Mike in Ledbury. Mike ordered the pull switch version to allow more control of lighting scenes without lots of additional wiring and wall switches.

Passivhaus (Passive House)

Passivhaus is the leading international standard for low energy buildings with a focus on excellent quality and comfort. The building gets about two thirds of it’s space heating from internal gains (people and energy efficient appliances) and sun.

As the house is to be rented he has used plain Japanese paper shades but the occupants can easily change these if they wish.

contemporary paper shade wall lamp

We look forward to visiting to take some better photos once the tenants have moved in in the New Year.

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