Floor lamp shades now very slightly bigger!

Small Tweaks to Our Floor Standing Lamps for 2016

The LockLamp task light design is so pared down that we didn’t think there was any room for changes. However after much deliberation we decided to make the ply shades for the floor lights just a little bit bigger. The original shade measures 210mm long and the new ones are 245mm. Not a huge change but we think it is an improvement.

We will still be making the smaller shades for the desk lights so if you would rather have the original size just let us know.

There is a lovely taughtness to the birch ply shades. People ask if we steam bend them but we don’t. The ply takes up the shape naturally. We found that if we went too big the sahed lost the tension and started to look a bit floppy. We could use thicker ply but then we would loose the subtle warm glow of light through it. Sometimes it is reasuring to spend a day trying to improve something only to end up where we started!

The other small change we have made is to laser cut the shade brackets  from chunky 3mm thick stainless steel rather than hand fabricating and welding them from rod and plate which was a bit of a tedious job. You can see how we used to do it on our video which is on the home page.

The heavy 12mm (1/2″) thick steel bases are now also laser cut which has reduced wastage. They are still hand finished and to the untrained eye, nothing has changed!

The price remains the same and you can purchase them here.

low energy reading light with ply shade

laser cut shade brackets for low energy lamp

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