Hand Crafted Minimalist Lighting Range – Minimised

passivhaus lightingWe love to develop new designs and are always thinking of ways to refine old ones. This creates a tension with our search for simplicity. Each new design means new tooling and jigs and more parts to hand make and stock. Add a few options such as a ply or steel base and a choice of flex colour, and the number of combinations in our modest range of products quickly escalates out of control.

So we have decided to rationalise our range of off the shelf lamps and declutter the workshop. We will still be making one-offs for special projects but we are very happy with the pared back standard range which should meet most needs.

If you are the proud owner of a discontinued lamp, don’t worry. Whilst there is little to wear out or go wrong, we have spares and can always provide support if needed. If you are interested in one of the discontinued models we still have a few left, see below for pictures. Email us or give us a call to check price and availability before it is too late – they don’t come up Ebay very often!

The Simplified Lighting Range

Locklamp E27 Ply Floor lamp

This classic floor lamp will be available with red fabric or black PVC flex. There have been many tweaks over the years and we are very happy with how this lamp works, looks and feels.  We tried a slightly larger shade but opinion was divided and we have returned to the original size. If you want the bigger shade, just ask, but we won’t be offering it as standard.

low energy reading light


The ply shade desk lamp will be available with red fabric braided or black PVC flex just like the floor lamp. Obviously the stand is taller and the base is bigger but the arms are interchangeable.

contemporary desk lamp


Despite the modest appearance, this is our best seller and will remain avaliable in A4 and A3 sizes for hardwiring by an electrician.

contemporary lighting reviews

Locklamp ‘Boy’

ply shade desk lampWe wanted to be able to offer a lower cost desk lamp without compromising on quality. Our first attempt at a simpler version of the fully adjustable desk lamp used a birch ply base and curved nickel tube. This looked simple but the ply base wasn’t as heavy as we hoped so we added a steel plate. With no simple way to dismantle it a larger box was required.

So we went back to first principles and ‘Boy’ was born. This is a very pared back model in raw mill-scale finish steel with a hand waxed finish and polished feet. The shade is the same as on all the desk lamps.

Last Chance to Buy!

The following lamps will no longer be made except to special order. If you want one then give Colin a call but be quick!

12V LED Lamp

This was the first lamp to bear the LockLamp name. Nick uses one every day on his desk.    It will be missed, but the Ply Shade LockLamp is more versatile as it can be used with any E27 lamp up to 20W. Mains voltage LEDs have really improved since we started making these lights removing one of the reasons for our original 12V design.

Perhaps we will offer a tiny shade for miniature E27 lamps  . . .  The cycle continues!

12v GU4 LED desk lamp


Minimalist Desk Lamp (Replaced by ‘Boy’

As described above, this didn’t turn out to be as simple as we intended but it did lead to ‘Boy’ which is even nicer and cheaper!

Minimalist desk lamp with ply shade


Table Lights

We may still offer these table lights to galleries featuring Colin’s handmade art work but we will no longer be selling them on the website. If you like these lights then check out Colin Chetwood Lighting here  for some very lovely designs.

low energy table lamps



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