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colin chetwood new website

What we enjoy is designing and making so keeping the website up to date has been a bit of a chore. Colin had a separate website for his other lamps and furniture and has recently changed hosts. He is very impressed with the new website and we are migrating content to the new site.

We will continue to run both sites in parallel for a bit but have moved the shop to the new site. The new online shop is much easier for us to manage with options for shade colours and flex which are easy to change.

So have a look and see what you think at

Artisan Market at Wobage 16th September 2017

Hereford Art Week h.Art 2017

This came round quick! We love this event and have made some special lamps that we will be showing for the first time. We will have all our classics plus some new articulated copper pendant lamps inspired by a commission for Architect Juraj Mikurcik.

We will have some show-only bargains and some limited edition red stained ply shades.

Come along and have a chat.

Nick & Colin

Hand Crafted Minimalist Lighting Range – Minimised

passivhaus lightingWe love to develop new designs and are always thinking of ways to refine old ones. This creates a tension with our search for simplicity. Each new design means new tooling and jigs and more parts to hand make and stock. Add a few options such as a ply or steel base and a choice of flex colour, and the number of combinations in our modest range of products quickly escalates out of control.

So we have decided to rationalise our range of off the shelf lamps and declutter the workshop. We will still be making one-offs for special projects but we are very happy with the pared back standard range which should meet most needs.

If you are the proud owner of a discontinued lamp, don’t worry. Whilst there is little to wear out or go wrong, we have spares and can always provide support if needed. If you are interested in one of the discontinued models we still have a few left, see below for pictures. Email us or give us a call to check price and availability before it is too late – they don’t come up Ebay very often!

The Simplified Lighting Range

Locklamp E27 Ply Floor lamp

This classic floor lamp will be available with red fabric or black PVC flex. There have been many tweaks over the years and we are very happy with how this lamp works, looks and feels.  We tried a slightly larger shade but opinion was divided and we have returned to the original size. If you want the bigger shade, just ask, but we won’t be offering it as standard.

low energy reading light


The ply shade desk lamp will be available with red fabric braided or black PVC flex just like the floor lamp. Obviously the stand is taller and the base is bigger but the arms are interchangeable.

contemporary desk lamp


Despite the modest appearance, this is our best seller and will remain avaliable in A4 and A3 sizes for hardwiring by an electrician.

contemporary lighting reviews

Locklamp ‘Boy’

ply shade desk lampWe wanted to be able to offer a lower cost desk lamp without compromising on quality. Our first attempt at a simpler version of the fully adjustable desk lamp used a birch ply base and curved nickel tube. This looked simple but the ply base wasn’t as heavy as we hoped so we added a steel plate. With no simple way to dismantle it a larger box was required.

So we went back to first principles and ‘Boy’ was born. This is a very pared back model in raw mill-scale finish steel with a hand waxed finish and polished feet. The shade is the same as on all the desk lamps.

Last Chance to Buy!

The following lamps will no longer be made except to special order. If you want one then give Colin a call but be quick!

12V LED Lamp

This was the first lamp to bear the LockLamp name. Nick uses one every day on his desk.    It will be missed, but the Ply Shade LockLamp is more versatile as it can be used with any E27 lamp up to 20W. Mains voltage LEDs have really improved since we started making these lights removing one of the reasons for our original 12V design.

Perhaps we will offer a tiny shade for miniature E27 lamps  . . .  The cycle continues!

12v GU4 LED desk lamp


Minimalist Desk Lamp (Replaced by ‘Boy’

As described above, this didn’t turn out to be as simple as we intended but it did lead to ‘Boy’ which is even nicer and cheaper!

Minimalist desk lamp with ply shade


Table Lights

We may still offer these table lights to galleries featuring Colin’s handmade art work but we will no longer be selling them on the website. If you like these lights then check out Colin Chetwood Lighting here  for some very lovely designs.

low energy table lamps



Lock Lamp at Wobage Artisan Market 17th and 18th September 2016

Hereford Art Week h.Art 2016

Wobage Artisan Market 2016

artisan market ross on wye

We don’t do craft fairs but this is different!!

Colin and Nick will be at Wobage again with a great range of our lights for sale.

We are looking forward to meeting friends and customers old and new and enjoying a bit of banter. If you want to get serious and discuss possible projects then that is fine as well.

As post and packing is a bit of a chore we will be offering a discount for any lamps taken away on the day and we even have a few bargains we are selling off to make space in the workshop.

Locklamp at Wobage

This is the second Wobage Artisan Market and we are really excited to be going back. There is a small but select group of local designer/makers and some excellent food and drink. We now get all our bread from Wyebakes who we met last year (their savoury tartlets were delicious but sold out before we could go back for seconds). Hollow Ash Cider and Perry press our apples every year and their Shepherd’s Hut business is a regular LockLamp customer. As you can see below, we were very happy to provide them with a bit of additional display lighting last year!

Hollow Ash Cider

The main Wobage gallery will also be open with a great range of ceramics, jewellery, furniture, textiles and baskets.

So come come along and say hi, even if it is just for the cider and perry sampling.

Wobage Makers gallery Ross on Wye

Wobage Artisan Market

Floor lamp shades now very slightly bigger!

Small Tweaks to Our Floor Standing Lamps for 2016

The LockLamp task light design is so pared down that we didn’t think there was any room for changes. However after much deliberation we decided to make the ply shades for the floor lights just a little bit bigger. The original shade measures 210mm long and the new ones are 245mm. Not a huge change but we think it is an improvement.

We will still be making the smaller shades for the desk lights so if you would rather have the original size just let us know.

There is a lovely taughtness to the birch ply shades. People ask if we steam bend them but we don’t. The ply takes up the shape naturally. We found that if we went too big the sahed lost the tension and started to look a bit floppy. We could use thicker ply but then we would loose the subtle warm glow of light through it. Sometimes it is reasuring to spend a day trying to improve something only to end up where we started!

The other small change we have made is to laser cut the shade brackets  from chunky 3mm thick stainless steel rather than hand fabricating and welding them from rod and plate which was a bit of a tedious job. You can see how we used to do it on our video which is on the home page.

The heavy 12mm (1/2″) thick steel bases are now also laser cut which has reduced wastage. They are still hand finished and to the untrained eye, nothing has changed!

The price remains the same and you can purchase them here.

low energy reading light with ply shade

laser cut shade brackets for low energy lamp

Contemporary Wall Lights for Herefordshire Passivhaus

contemporary wall light

Mike Whitfield’s latest Passivhaus building in Clehonger Herefordshire features our contemporary wall lights. Our first wall lights were installed in another Passivhaus built by Mike in Ledbury. Mike ordered the pull switch version to allow more control of lighting scenes without lots of additional wiring and wall switches.

Passivhaus (Passive House)

Passivhaus is the leading international standard for low energy buildings with a focus on excellent quality and comfort. The building gets about two thirds of it’s space heating from internal gains (people and energy efficient appliances) and sun.

As the house is to be rented he has used plain Japanese paper shades but the occupants can easily change these if they wish.

contemporary paper shade wall lamp

We look forward to visiting to take some better photos once the tenants have moved in in the New Year.

Illuminate at Ruthin Craft Centre until 2nd February 2014

An exhibition of contemporary hand made lighting at the excellent Ruthin Gallery.

We were very touched to be included alongside ‘talented young designers from around the UK’ ! The Ruthin Gallery hosts many excellent exhibitions of high quality contemporary craft and is well worth visiting.

Ruthin Gallery Illuminate contemporary lighting LockLamp-Ruthin contemporary lighting exhibition Ruthin Gallery Illuminate lighting Description from the website:



7 December 2013 – 2 February 2014

sheldon cooney / sebastian cox freshwest / nick grant & colin chetwood claire norcross / emily phillips michael ruh / piers saxby candy studio louise tucker / drws y coed by hannah wardle

People have celebrated “mid-winter” festivals for thousands of years. They usually involve feasting and fires to mark the beginning of the return of the sun and longer hours of daylight occurring with the Winter Solstice and called by many names including Yule, Christmas, and Saturnalia. In all of these festivals lights are an important part of the experience.

So as we decorate our homes with lights, Illuminate celebrates this with an exciting selection of new lighting for your home. Made by talented young designers from throughout the UK, Illuminate has hand-blown glass light-shades, pendant lights and desk lamps made from a diverse range of materials – all superb pieces to light up your mid winter evenings.

Curated by Gregory Parsons.


Design for Living Show Hampton Court Herefordshire

Meet the makers and see our task lamps and wall lights

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7th July, 10.30am to 5.00pm

Come along and enjoy the lovely gardens and castle and drop by for a chat and to see our lights in the flesh.

We will have a good range of our contemporary lights on display plus a limited number of one-offs and MK1 designs that we would like to see go to good homes for knock down prices.

We have decided to reduce all our prices by 20% for the two days in exchange for not packing them in our usual sturdy boxes that we use for posting the lamps. Saves resources but bottom line is we are lazy!

The wall and table lights will be displayed with a range of artwork from digital prints to abstract originals by Colin Chetwood, Slade School Fine Art graduate turned metal basher and lamp maker.

Design for Living is described as:

“. . .  a fresh, new shopping experience in Herefordshire for contemporary living in your home and garden, set in the breathtaking grounds of Hampton Court Castle and Gardens, nr Leominster. Design for Living will have a wide range of artists and crafts people, some exhibiting for the first time. From high quality contemporary silverware to blacksmith made hooks and a whole range between.”

We will be donating 10% of our profits to the sensory equipment appeal for Blackmarston School where Colin’s son is an enthusiastic pupil.