Lighting Projects

Bespoke lighting for domestic and commercial projects

We always welcome the chance to develop one-off lighting solutions. Projects have included an Architect’s office, a shop, developer housing, a night club, a school and desk lights for a council office. Sometimes we have to start from scratch to solve a particular problem but we can often adapt a tried and tested solution to meet a specific need.

Old Holloway Passivhaus

Architect and self-builder Juraj Mikurcik has designed and built a very special home and we are really pleased to have supplied so many of the lights. The wall mounted reading light for the sofa was Juraj’s idea as there wasn’t enough space behind it for a floor standing lamp.

The one-off copper suspended table lamp was quite a challenge as we decided it would be neat if it closed up like a flower as it was raised! However it did lead to a much simpler version which is now available off the shelf.

Copper pendant lamp

wall mounted reading lamp ply shade minimalist wall lamp classic floor lamp pelmet lightThe MK2 copper pendant light now available for sale: 
copper flower light

Twyford Barn

This was our first collaboration. Unsatisfied with available products, award winning Architects Architype commissioned us to design and manufacture a range of energy efficient lights for their new office buildings. Photos courtesy of Architype, Leigh Simpson & Juraj Mikurcik.

Twyford barn Architype

mirror lightsGeorgecowshed pelmet lights

The Marble Factory Bristol

Large copper ‘chandeliers’ and tables in steel and oak grace the VIP room at this Bristol music venue. Photomontage by Colin Chetwood.

marble factory

music venue lighting

copper lamp marble factory light

Ty Pren Passivhaus

We provided wall lights and pelmet fittings for this Passivhaus in Herefordshire designed by Dempsey Decourcy Architects and built by Mike Whitfield Construction. Originally developed for a housing development in Oxford, the pelmet brackets are extremely simple but are the result of many hours of experimentation.
__DSC0828 __DSC0844

Master’s House Ledbury

Bespoke lights for the reception and work desks for the recently completed renovation of the Medieval Master’s House in Ledbury. Renovation by Butler Hegarty Architects and Speller Metcalfe Construction.

ledbury Masters houseMasters houseBlackmarston School Hereford

Our wall lights display classroom names with a planetary theme. The artwork is simply sandwiched between two clear sheets and can be changed in an instant.

Blackmarsden special school Blackmarston school lights

House Extension Herefordshire

Here we used standard LockLamp components in a new way to provide task and ambient lighting for this super insulated kitchen extension by the Architect Howard Meadowcroft.

ply shade spot light

birch ply kitchen spot light

reading wall light

The Greenshop Stroud

We developed a range of wall lights for the Greenshop Stroud including some large etched mirror lights based on the ones we developed for Architype’s office. We also supplied some of our standard pelmet lights to provide wall wash.

pelmet light T5 low energy

large mirror light

wall wash low energy lighting


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