Images of our energy efficient contemporary lighting

Our classic contemporary lighting in various settings

Our lights are used in a wide range of setting from medieval to contemporary, from domestic to industrial. Locklamps can be found in Architect’s homes and studios, schools, offices, kids play rooms and even the occasional workshop.

If you have good photos of our lamps that you are happy for us to use then we would love to hear from you.
classic LED desk lamp

 Ply Shade desk Lamp or Floor Standing Reading Lamp

Birch ply and nickel plated steel lamp that takes standard E27 bulbs, LED or CFL. The angle of the lamp can be changed.

Architect's contemporary lighting, ecominimal designAbove, Early MK1 and later Mk2 Ply Shade LockLamps. Photo courtesy Andy Simmonds, Architect. The floor standing lamps are ideal for reading but can be swivelled to wash the walls with light or to as a picture light. A 5 amp plugged circuit with a low wattage dimmer switch is a great way to light a room with maximum flexibility.

Low wattage plug in dimmer switches are available for use with suitable LEDs or compact fluorescent lamps. We do not currently offer these but they are available from third parties and the technology is progressing very fast.


Floor standing lamp in Architect’s home in Tokyo. We supplied two lamps wired for Japanese E26 lamps and USA style power sockets.


Architect’s home in Norfolk (UK). This very lovely owner designed and built straw bale home is a near-miss Passivhaus.

Floor lamp in another Architect’s home, this one is a self build Passivhaus in Herefordshire.

No room for another floor standing lamp behind the sofa so we came up with a wall mounted version.

pelmet lightSimple pelmet light with LED strip and copper brackets.

Copper ceiling lightAnd the centrepiece, copper pendant light over the kitchen table. The petals close as it is hoisted up and open as it is lowered.

contemporary desk lamp ply shade


Another Architect’s home! This lamp will soon be re-located in the owners self-build Passivhaus home.

double ltask light

Double desk lamp with red and black leads.

workshop aglepoiseFloor standing lamp with DIY stainless steel shade in a potter’s workshop.

Contemporary Wall Light

Images of our customisable contemporary wall light with E27 holder for mains voltage LED or CLF lamps. Available with or without a pull switch. These wall lights work great with dimmable LED lamps.

contemporary wall light low energy

hackable wall lamp close up low energy contemporary lighting