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 19 reviews
by Juan Ordonez on
Exceptional product

In a market saturated with myriad of lamp designs it is really hard to find simple, reliable yet beautiful and fresh examples.
The LockLamp scores high marks on presence, simplicity, ease of repair and practicality. No complicated pulleys or springs, no feeble plastic parts either. This lamp feels new but also a hints at times when you could see/feel the stroke of craftsmanship. This last quality, sadly nearly lost in most products nowadays.

by Andy Warren on
Workshop lights

Nick and I run NatSol Compost Toilets so my views may not be completely independent but I have two of these free standing lamps, one in the NatSol workshop where we assemble toilet pedestals and one in my hobby pottery workshop. They are very good. Easy to adjust, highly durable (no springs to that will sag two years down the line), easy to clean and a great style statement. A designer in the same building is envious.

by Clare Adamson on
Stylish and Practical Floor Lamp

The Floor Lamp is an example of superb contemporary design combined with practicality. The slim profile means the lamp sits elegantly and unobtrusively into most room settings and, most importantly, it is stable and perfectly balanced so there's no wobble when adjusting the height or angle of the lamp. The lamp is so easy to adjust that its simplicity belies the cleverness of the design. We love the Birch shade which gives such an intimate, warmth to the light and concentrates it where it is needed, disguising our high ceilings. We bought two!

by John Stout on
Brilliant product

We are thrilled by the design and workmanship of the unit . I recently retired from from work having spent the last twenty years designing marine exhaust systems, therefore I know what good engineering design and manufacture looks like and the lamp certainly fits the bill.

by Duncan Matthews on
A thing of great beauty

Form and function executed exquisitely, a future classic. Thank you.

by Rosie Adamson on
Stunningly designed

My Locklamp has absolutely transformed my workspace. Its fantastic quality of light and elegant design makes my desk seem inviting for the first time. I show it off to everybody - thank you for a perfect product!

by Andy Simmonds on
Timeless quality

The lamp is well made.The design is simple, honest and elegant. How it achieves that 'timeless quality' is hard to describe - I think it comes from the 'designer-who-is-also-maker-small-scale-workshop-based-batch-production' thing, that I love so much!

by Glyn Hudson on
Simple, elegant and effective

Enjoyed watching the video and was very delighted when my partner surprised me with an early Christmas present! I have been very impressed with the simple, elegant and very effective adjustment mechanism. The addition of a small magnet really is a stroke of genius! I can confirm the setup works perfectly with a good quality led bulb for lowest energy consumption. The wooden shade gives a nice warm glow when tilted upwards and a focused clean beam for working when tilted downward. It's great to be able to support another small business making sustainable products hand crafted in the UK. Keep up the good work and merry Christmas!

by Jeremy Harris on
Beautiful, stylish and contemporary

The stylish simplicity of Lock Lamp perfectly complements our shepherds’ huts. The contemporary design and customizable shades are loved by our customers and enhance the unique atmosphere of each hut. We recommend Lock Lamp to all - a hut wouldn’t be complete without one!

by Moss Davis on

I created the promotional film for the lock lamp, and as payment received the metal version. Im pleased by how versatile the light is; angled down like a normal desk lamp, or rotated towards the wall like un uplight casting a soft glow around my room. Everyone I live with is envious and there is absolutely no faults to mention! Thanks

by David Webster on
Unique design concept

The combination of a simple but functional locking mechanism, The design of the lamp with its split conical shade and high build quality, make it difficult to fault. An excellent invention and it is always a pleasure to use, unlike the lamp it replaced, with its shade gradually sagging towards the desk due to its tired old springs. No more sagging for this guy!

A great product.

by Juraj Mikurcik on
Custom Locklamp

Our LockLamp is great! Beautifully balanced on custom steel base it's high enough to allow multitude of tasks. Fully adjustable with a very simple but clever piece of alu plate. And the ply shade is a joy. Minimalism at its best. Thanks Colin & Nick!

by Howard Meadowcroft on
The shade is particularly beautiful!

I bought a prototype for the office and tried it at home; it stayed there; I now have a MK2 "final version" in the office (both have metal bases) I was surprised it worked so well in both places. They have a generosity of size, strength and quality of material they also have elegance, refinement and poise, the shade is particularly beautiful.

by Erik Wilkinson on
Elegance and Simplicity

This lamp looks fantastic as you come in to our front room. The design is elegant and captures the eye but this is combined with flexibility - lots of positions the lamp can move to in a very simple way. Good discreet light also! Well done to designers and manufacturers.

by Thomas McKay on
Super design, a pleasure to use.

An elegant combination of simplicity and function, lock lamp is clearly the result of well thought out design.

Not only is it great to look at, the colour and quality of the light is very pleasant and provides a brightness that is more than adequate to read and work under. It features a sturdy construction and has been made with great attention to detail.

I look forward to many more hours of use!

by Sofie Pelsmakers on
'Ecominimal love'

Who says eco-design cannot be stylish too? We have both a timber lock desk-lamp and a standing steel one as we loved both and couldn't chose.

They are beautiful and ingenious - a simple move of the steel arms adjusts the lamp, allowing greater flexibility, and no messing around with screws. The metal lamp took a few days getting used to as it is an LED light and is whiter light than the halogen lamp it replaced. But, it is so much better: it doesn't give off heat, the design prevents glare and we have found reading so much more comfortable. On top of that it uses much less energy! They are not 'Ikea cheap', but given that they are sturdier, use longer-lasting materials and are better designed, as well as designed and (hand)made in the UK, this is reflected in their fair price. For my money, these will become design classics. Sofie Pelsmakers is author of The Environmental Design Pocketbook - www.environmentaldesignpocketbook.com

by Leah Dempsey on
Design Classic

My Locklamp is beautiful, it fits in so well with my contemporary furniture in the living room. Everyone that comes to the house want to know where I got it !

by Charles Grylls on
Locklamp Delight

Stunningly simple and clever, a design classic.

As an Architect I have reviewed many products, this is quality British design, which shows so much thought and attention to detail. I really love it.

by Ruth Busbridge on
Simple and very Cool!

These are great! So simple! and very effective. And I love the fact that I can change the colour any time I want to - or put textured paper in them, or fabric, or leaves, or cut-out shapes, or anything really. Whatever I fancy, on a whim.

I'm delighted with them! Thanks guys.