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Function and Simplicity

lock mechanismThe ultra simple positioning mechanism is is what gives LockLamp the name. This comprises an aluminum plate with two carefully machined holes. With only 3 components this mechanism really could not be simpler.

The lamp can be extended, raised and rotated about 2 axes and once released it is locked in place by gravity with no springs or screw clamps.

birch ply lightThe birch ply shade allows enough light through to give a subtle but warm glow.


Contemporary Design

contemporary floor lamp solid base

Our aim was for Lock Lamp to have a high quality, hand crafted finish without being too ‘crafty’. We also wanted it to have a crisp modern design without being cold and too ‘designer’. Locklamp is intended as an affordable product if not a cheap one. We hope that the minimalist design combined with a simple palette of honest materials, steel, nickel, birch ply and aluminum, achieve this.



designer desk lightE27 Desk Lamps
These models have a birch ply shade and steel base. The E27 Edison Screw lamp holder can take a wide range of LED and compact fluorescent lamps to suit the intended use.

The shade will hide most low energy light bulbs and the extra weight of LED lamps is not a problem for the LockLamp mechanism, the heavier the better!

ply shade desk lamp

Eco-minimalism is an approach to sustainable design. Lock  Lamp is designed to be energy efficient and to last a very long time. Designed for disassembly, Lock Lamp would be easy to recycle but why would you do that? It is also designed to be hackable. Perhaps your requirements have changed, lighting technology has moved on or you just want to personalise your lamp – no problem. Lock Lamp is intended to be passed on to future generations.

laser cut lamp brackets

quality lighting

low energy reading light

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