Minimalist Wall Lamps

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These wall lights follow the LockLamp eco-minimal design philosophy. This means they are specifically designed to work with low energy bulbs, to be adaptable for reuse, hackable and to be beyond fashion induced obsolescence!

Wall lights

Contemporary wall lights, minimalist wall lightLike our task lights this design was inspired by the lack of a product to meet our customer’s needs. The energy efficient wall light features easily replaceable shades that can contain drawings or handmade papers. This example has Japanese mulberry paper. The backplate is simple galvanised steel in a natural raw finish.

Laminate shade adaptable for any setting

contemporary wall lights art shadeThe standard shade consists of 2 sheets of clear polycarbonate. This allows art work, handmade paper or fabric to be sandwiched between providing an easily customisable shade. By simply changing the art work, the lamp can look  at home in a kindergarten or a minimalist house interior. You can even include text such as room or people names for offices and schools.

fabric wall light


Wall light design details

The wall light is designed for easy installation as we know how frustrating some fittings can be to install. The shade is simply sprung into place with no need for screws and is easily removed for cleaning. Oversize fixing holes and washers simplify levelling.

Hallway lights to identify classrooms

This Special School in Hereford uses LockLamp wall lights to clearly waymark the planet themed classrooms. The art work is inspired by the kids, but by changing the shade, the same lamp is just at home  in a minimalist house setting.

The design team required evidence of independent CE testing and reassurance of suitability for use in a Special School environment.

Wall lights for Blackmarsden special school

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